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'Zita The Spacegirl' by Ben Hatke

The lack of good quality comics for children is an often lamented state of affairs, so it’s fantastic that something as wonderful as Zita The Spacegirl exists.

Full of memorable characters, breathless chase sequences and daring escapes; Zita The Spacegirl has everything that an epic journey to an alien planet should have! I’d describe it as basically Halo Jones for children! It sounds a bit silly I know, but Zita is a feminist space opera if I ever saw one. When her friend Joseph is pulled through a vortex into another world, young Zita gathers her wits and sets off to rescue him.

This isn’t a “princess-ey” take on the genre either - Zita doesn’t wear a pink space suit or use a laser lipstick to get out of trouble - which is great! Not because pink is a bad thing, but because those things exist already (or did in my childhood; Sailor Moon and Totally Spies come to mind) while this seems like a really fresh approach. 

Lively and funny, Hatke’s artwork is top notch, particularly capturing dynamic movement and facial expressions really well. The writing is good too, with amusing dialogue and a satisfying story arc. (I really loved the ending!)

Is there an eight year old in your life? It is your duty as a grown-up to get them this book.

  • Published by First Second
  • Perfect for reading with young children or for kids who are confident reading independently

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There’s also a neat Zita webcomic and a sequel for you to check out!

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